Pain Management

Let’s get your pet feeling better.

Sadly, our pets cannot tell us when they’re in pain. It’s up to you, the owner, to notice changes in behavior or routine that may lead you to believe that something is wrong. Once you feel that something is off, it’s up to us to diagnose and treat. Unlike humans, pets cannot control their pain, and they rely on us. When your pet isn’t feeling great, the team at Hometown Veterinary Clinic will be here to ease the pain and hopefully get them back to feeling their best.

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools allows us thoroughly check for anything that may be off with your pet, and get it remedied quickly.

Whether it’s controlling surgical pain, managing chronic medical conditions, handling post-injury recovery, or helping to make the senior years more comfortable, we’ve got you covered. With a wide array of pain management techniques at our disposal, we can develop a customized plan just for your loved one. Contact Hometown Veterinary Clinic today and let’s get your pet on the path to a more enjoyable life.

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